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SharePoint: Auto-News Digest

SharePoint Auto-News Digest sends automated email to employees in you company about the latest News posts that they have not yet read. Using Microsoft intelligence, a curated selection of News posts are shared with employees through an email that comes from SharePoint. This is a great way for employees to catch up on News that they may have otherwise missed. Only published news posts are sent in the digest, and employees will have access to all the news posts that they are sent so rest assumed that employees won't see news that they don't have permission to see. If employees want to opt-out of receiving the Auto-News Digest, they can click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.

SharePoint: Company-Branded Auto News Digest

For SharePoint news users, we are launching an update to the Auto-News Digest feature. Now users will receive a company branded Auto-News Digest.

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