Release Management Plan Template

What is Release Management Plan Template?

A Release Management Plan (RMP) is a document that outlines the process and procedures for managing the release of software, firmware, or other digital products. It provides a framework for planning, coordinating, and executing the release management activities to ensure successful delivery of the product.

A Release Management Plan Template typically includes the following sections:

  1. Introduction: Provides an overview of the purpose, scope, and objectives of the RMP.
  2. Release Scope: Defines what is included in the release (e.g., features, components, etc.) and what is excluded.
  3. Release Timeline: Outlines the planned timeline for the release, including key milestones and deadlines.
  4. Release Process: Describes the steps involved in the release management process, such as:
    • Release planning
    • Build and test preparation
    • Deployment
    • Rollback plan (in case of issues)
  5. Release Roles and Responsibilities: Identifies the individuals or teams responsible for each step in the release process.
  6. Communication Plan: Outlines how stakeholders will be informed about the release, including:
    • Notification procedures
    • Release notes and documentation
  7. Risk Management: Identifies potential risks associated with the release and outlines mitigation strategies.
  8. Testing and Quality Assurance: Describes the testing approach, including types of tests, test environments, and quality assurance processes.
  9. Deployment and Rollout: Outlines the plan for deploying the release to production, including:
    • Deployment strategy
    • Rollback plan
  10. Monitoring and Feedback: Describes how the release will be monitored and feedback gathered from stakeholders.
  11. Release Closure: Outlines the steps involved in closing out the release, including:
    • Post-release review
    • Lessons learned documentation

Here is a sample Release Management Plan Template:

Release Management Plan Template

Introduction The purpose of this Release Management Plan (RMP) is to outline the process and procedures for managing the release of our new software product.

Release Scope This release includes all new features and components developed during the past quarter.

Release Timeline The planned timeline for the release is as follows:

  • Week 1-2: Build and test preparation
  • Week 3-4: Deployment to production
  • Week 5: Rollout and monitoring

Release Process

  1. Release planning
  2. Build and test preparation
  3. Deployment
  4. Rollback plan (in case of issues)

Release Roles and Responsibilities

  • Release Manager: responsible for overall release management
  • Development Team: responsible for building and testing the release
  • QA Team: responsible for testing the release
  • Operations Team: responsible for deploying the release to production

Communication Plan

  1. Notification procedures: email notifications to stakeholders
  2. Release notes and documentation: provided on our website

Risk Management Potential risks include:

  • Technical issues during deployment
  • Stakeholder dissatisfaction with the new features

Mitigation strategies include:

  • Conducting thorough testing before deployment
  • Providing training for stakeholders

Testing and Quality Assurance

  1. Types of tests: functional, performance, security
  2. Test environments: staging, production-like environment

Deployment and Rollout

  1. Deployment strategy: rolling out to small groups first, then scaling up
  2. Rollback plan: rolling back changes in case of issues

Monitoring and Feedback

  1. Monitoring: tracking metrics such as user adoption and feedback
  2. Feedback gathering: surveys, interviews with stakeholders

Release Closure

  1. Post-release review: reviewing the release process and identifying areas for improvement
  2. Lessons learned documentation: documenting lessons learned from the release process.

This template provides a general outline of what to include in a Release Management Plan. You may need to customize it based on your organization's specific needs and processes.

Release Management Plan

  • Project Name:
  • Project Manager:
  • Release Manager:
  • Plan Creation Date:
  • Purpose: Define the objectives and scope of the release management process.
  • Policy Overview:
    • Description of the release policy and standards.
  • Upcoming Release:
    • Release Name, Target Date
  • Future Releases:
    • Release Name, Target Date
  • Component 1:
    • Description, Version
  • Component 2:
    • Description, Version
  • Release Manager:
    • Responsibilities, Authority
  • Development Team:
    • Responsibilities, Authority
  • QA Team:
    • Responsibilities, Authority
  • Planning:
    • Activities, Timeline
  • Development:
    • Activities, Timeline
  • Testing:
    • Activities, Timeline
  • Deployment:
    • Activities, Timeline
  • Development Environment:
    • Configuration, Access
  • Testing Environment:
    • Configuration, Access
  • Production Environment:
    • Configuration, Access
  • Risk 1:
    • Description, Mitigation Strategy
  • Risk 2:
    • Description, Mitigation Strategy
  • Internal Communication:
    • Methods, Frequency
  • Stakeholder Communication:
    • Methods, Frequency
  • Approved by:
  • Signature:
  • Date:
  • [Date]: Change Description, Reason, Updated By

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