Project Scope Statement Template

What is Project Scope Statement Template?

A Project Scope Statement (PSS) template is a document that outlines the objectives, deliverables, and boundaries of a project. It serves as a foundation for understanding what needs to be accomplished during the project lifecycle. The PSS template typically includes the following elements:
  1. Project Overview: A brief summary of the project, including its purpose, goals, and objectives.
  2. Scope Statement: A clear description of the project's scope, including:
    • What is included in the project (inclusive scope)
    • What is excluded from the project (exclusive scope)
    • Any assumptions or constraints that influence the scope
  3. Objectives: Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals that the project aims to accomplish.
  4. Deliverables: A detailed list of what the project team will deliver at the end of the project, including:
    • Physical products (e.g., software, hardware)
    • Intangible products (e.g., reports, documentation)
    • Services or outcomes
  5. Stakeholders: A list of individuals or groups who have a vested interest in the project's success and may be impacted by its outcome.
  6. Assumptions and Dependencies: Any assumptions made about the project's environment, resources, or stakeholders, as well as any dependencies between the project and other initiatives.
  7. Constraints: Limitations or restrictions that may impact the project's scope, schedule, or budget, such as:
    • Resource constraints (e.g., personnel, equipment)
    • Budget constraints
    • Regulatory requirements
  8. Scope Verification: A description of how the project team will verify and validate the scope statement throughout the project lifecycle.

The Project Scope Statement template is often used to:

  1. Establish a common understanding among stakeholders about what needs to be accomplished.
  2. Clarify the project's objectives, deliverables, and boundaries.
  3. Identify potential risks and opportunities for the project.
  4. Guide decision-making and ensure that all stakeholders are aligned with the project's scope.

Here is an example of a Project Scope Statement template:

Project Overview

  • Project Name: [Insert project name]
  • Purpose: [Briefly describe the purpose of the project]

Scope Statement

  • Inclusive Scope:
    • + Develop a new software application
    • + Integrate with existing systems
  • Exclusive Scope:
    • + Do not develop a mobile app
    • + Do not conduct market research


  • Deliver a functional software application by [Insert date]
  • Achieve a minimum of 80% user satisfaction rating


  • Functional software application
  • User documentation and training materials
  • Project report detailing the scope, schedule, and budget


  • Project Sponsor: [Name]
  • Team Members: [List team members' names]
  • End-Users: [List end-users' names]

Assumptions and Dependencies

  • The software application will be developed using [Insert programming language or framework].
  • The integration with existing systems will require collaboration with the IT department.


  • Budget constraint: $500,000
  • Resource constraint: Limited personnel availability

Scope Verification

  • Regular scope verification meetings will be held bi-weekly to review progress and ensure alignment with the scope statement.
  • Changes to the scope statement will be approved through a formal change management process.

This is just an example, and you can customize your Project Scope Statement template based on your organization's specific needs and requirements.

Project Scope Statement

  • Title:
  • Project Background:
  • Project Objectives:
  • In Scope:
    • Deliverables, services, and activities that are included in the project.
  • Out of Scope:
    • Deliverables, services, and activities that are not included in the project.
  • Deliverable 1:
    • Description, Due Date, Responsible Party
  • Deliverable 2:
    • Description, Due Date, Responsible Party
  • Criteria 1:
    • Description, Standards, Verification Method
  • Criteria 2:
    • Description, Standards, Verification Method
  • Milestone 1:
    • Description, Due Date
  • Milestone 2:
    • Description, Due Date
  • Constraint 1:
    • Description, Impact on Project
  • Constraint 2:
    • Description, Impact on Project
  • Assumption 1:
    • Description, Reasoning
  • Assumption 2:
    • Description, Reasoning
  • Dependency 1:
    • Description, Impact on Timeline
  • Dependency 2:
    • Description, Impact on Timeline
  • Estimated Cost:
  • Funding Source:
  • Risk 1:
    • Description, Mitigation Strategy
  • Risk 2:
    • Description, Mitigation Strategy
  • Approved by:
  • Signature:
  • Date:

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