PMO Charter Document Template

What is PMO Charter Document Template?

A PMO (Program Management Office) Charter Document Template is a standardized document that outlines the purpose, scope, and responsibilities of a Program Management Office within an organization. The template provides a framework for establishing the PMO's goals, objectives, and organizational structure.

Here are some key elements typically included in a PMO Charter Document Template:

  1. Purpose: A brief statement outlining the reason for establishing the PMO, including its role in supporting the organization's strategic objectives.
  2. Scope: A description of the PMO's responsibilities, authority, and scope of work, including which programs or projects it will manage.
  3. Objectives: Specific goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) that the PMO aims to achieve, such as improving program delivery timelines, reducing costs, or enhancing stakeholder satisfaction.
  4. Program Management Governance: A description of the governance structure, including who is responsible for making decisions, approving budgets, and providing oversight.
  5. PMO Organization Structure: An outline of the organizational structure, including roles and responsibilities of PMO team members, such as Program Manager, Project Managers, and Administrative Support.
  6. Responsibilities: A detailed list of tasks and activities assigned to the PMO, including program planning, monitoring, controlling, and reporting.
  7. Authority: A description of the PMO's authority within the organization, including its ability to make decisions, allocate resources, and provide guidance to program teams.
  8. Communication Plan: A plan outlining how the PMO will communicate with stakeholders, including project sponsors, team members, and other interested parties.
  9. Performance Metrics: A list of KPIs used to measure the PMO's performance, such as program delivery success rates, cost savings, or stakeholder satisfaction ratings.
  10. Amendments and Revisions: Procedures for updating the charter document, including a review process and approval mechanism.

Here is a sample template you can use:

PMO Charter Document Template

Purpose The [Organization Name] Program Management Office (PMO) is established to provide strategic leadership, coordination, and support to programs and projects within the organization. The PMO's primary objective is to ensure that programs are delivered on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.

Scope The PMO will manage [list specific programs or projects] and provide program management services to support the organization's strategic objectives.


  • Improve program delivery timelines by 15% within the next 12 months
  • Reduce costs by 10% through efficient resource allocation and cost savings initiatives
  • Enhance stakeholder satisfaction ratings by 20% through improved communication and collaboration

Program Management Governance The PMO will operate under the direction of [Name], Program Director, who is responsible for making decisions regarding program management strategy, budget allocation, and resource planning.

PMO Organization Structure

  • Program Director
  • Senior Project Manager (3)
  • Project Managers (6)
  • Administrative Support (2)

Responsibilities The PMO will be responsible for:

  • Developing program plans and project schedules
  • Coordinating and monitoring program progress
  • Identifying and mitigating risks and issues
  • Providing reports and updates to stakeholders

Authority The PMO has the authority to make decisions regarding program management strategy, budget allocation, and resource planning. The Program Director will review and approve all program plans, project schedules, and budgets.

Communication Plan

  • Regular progress updates to stakeholders via email and project management software
  • Quarterly town hall meetings with stakeholders
  • Ad-hoc meetings as required

Performance Metrics The PMO's performance will be measured by:

  • Program delivery success rates (on-time, on-budget, and to quality standards)
  • Cost savings initiatives implemented
  • Stakeholder satisfaction ratings

Amendments and Revisions The charter document may be amended or revised at any time with the approval of the Program Director.

Note that this is just a sample template, and you should customize it according to your organization's specific needs and requirements.

PMO Charter

Provide a brief statement about the PMO's purpose, its alignment with organizational goals, and the expected benefits.

Explain the organizational context that led to the decision to establish a PMO.

  • Objective 1: Description and how it supports the organization's strategy.
  • Objective 2: Description and how it supports the organization's strategy.

Define the scope of the PMO's activities, including its responsibilities and limitations.

Outline the governance framework, including reporting lines, decision-making authority, and key roles within the PMO.

Detail the core functions and services the PMO will provide, such as project support, methodology standardization, and portfolio management.

Describe the approach for engaging stakeholders and maintaining effective communication.

Provide an overview of the resources required for the PMO, including staff, budget, and tools.

Specify the metrics by which the PMO's performance will be evaluated.

Identify potential risks to the PMO's success and outline mitigation strategies.

Explain the process for managing changes to the PMO's charter and operations.

Prepared By: Name
Reviewed By: Name
Approved By: Name


This charter serves as a foundational document for the PMO and should be reviewed and updated periodically to reflect changes in organizational strategy or project management practices.

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