DevOps Packaging

Packaging refers to the activities involved once the release is ready for deployment, often also referred to as staging or Preproduction / “preprod”. This often includes tasks and activities such as:

  • Approval/preapprovals
  • Package configuration
  • Triggered releases
  • Release staging and holding

Notable solutions for this include universal package managers such as: Jfrog’s Artifactory, Sonatype Nexus repository, and Inedo’s ProGet.


  • Repository Management solutions (Artifactory, Nexus, etc.)
  • * Containerization and Container management experience in multiple tools (OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes, Kitematic)


  • Archiva
  • Cloudsmith Package
  • Docker Hub
  • MyGet
  • NuGet
  • ProGet
  • Pulp
  • Yarn
  • npm
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