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Microsoft AI Timeline

Microsoft AI Timeline

Timeline of key Microsoft Al breakthroughs

September 2016

Microsoft achieves human parity in conversational speech recognition.

January 2018

Microsoft achieves human parity in reading comprehension.

March 2018

Microsoft reaches human parity in machine translation.

June 2019

Microsoft integrates neural machine translation research breakthroughs into Azure and achieves human parity in general language understanding.

July 2019

Microsoft and OpenAI announce exclusive partnership to accelerate breakthroughs in AI.

February 2020

Microsoft announces Turing -NLG language model at 17 billion parameters.

May 2020

Microsoft announces its first AI supercomputers, built in collaboration with and exclusively for OpenAI.

September 2020

Microsoft teams up with OpenAI to exclusively license GPT-3 models.

October 2020

Microsoft announces Al breakthroughs in image captioning available in Azure, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

May 2021

Microsoft introduces its first product features powered by GPT-3 models.

June 2021

GitHub launches GitHub Copilot, an AI pair programmer that takes advantage of the OpenAI Codex model to support developers.

May 2022

Microsoft expands access to Azure OpenAI Service with more models and new responsible AI system.

June 2022

GitHub Copilot becomes generally available.

October 2022

Microsoft announces DALL·E 2 in Azure OpenAI Service, new Designer app, and Bing Image Creator.

January 2023

Microsoft announces Azure OpenAI Service now generally available.

February 2023

Bing & Edge Copilot using GPT-4. Dynamics 365 Viva Sales with GPT. Bing Search in Windows 11.

March 2023

Microsoft 365 Copilot. Copilot in Power Platform. Dynamics 365 Copilot. Power Platform GPT enhancements. ChatGPT available in Azure OpenAI Service. Security Copilot.

April 2023

Copilot in Microsoft Viva

May 2023

Semantic Index for Copilot. Copilot in SharePoint. Windows Copilot. Syntex plugins for Copilot.

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