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Gartner Trend: Decision Intelligence

Decision intelligence is a practical approach to improve organizational decision making. It models each decision as a set of processes, using intelligence and analytics to inform, learn from and refine decisions.

Decision intelligence can support and enhance human decision making and, potentially, automate it through the use of augmented analytics, simulations and AI.

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Snippet from Wikipedia: Decision intelligence

Decision intelligence is an engineering discipline that augments data science with theory from social science, decision theory, and managerial science. Its application provides a framework for best practices in organizational decision-making and processes for applying computational technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, reasoning, and semantics at scale. The basic idea is that decisions are based on our understanding of how actions lead to outcomes. Decision intelligence is a discipline for analyzing this chain of cause and effect, and decision modeling is a visual language for representing these chains.

A related field, decision engineering, also investigates the improvement of decision-making processes but is not always as closely tied to data science.[Note]

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