Taxonomy of Software Components

Software System Components.txt
System Utilities
Command Shell
System Services
Graphics Engine
  User Interface
  Logical Level of Operating System
  Hardware Level of Operating System
The OSI-model.txt
Layer 1: The physical layer
Layer 2: The data link layer
Layer 3: The network layer
Layer 4: The transport layer
Layer 5: The session layer
Layer 6: The presentation layer
Layer 7: The application layer
Categories of Business Software.txt
Software classifications.txt
System software
Application software
  Word processing software
  Spreadsheet software
  Database software
  Application Suites
  Multimedia software
  Communication Software
  Internet Browsers
  Email Programs
Computer programming tools
Programming Software
Driver Software
Utility Software
Operating systems
Library programs
Translator software 
Classification of Computer Based Information Systems.txt
Management Information Systems (MIS) 
Executive Information Systems (EIS) 
Executive Support Systems (ESS) 
Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) 
Electronic Meeting Systems (EMS)
Organizational Decision Support Systems (ODSS)
Expert Systems (ES)
Office Information Systems (OIS) 
Intelligent Organizational Information Systems (IOIS)
Knowledge Organization System (KOS) 
Classification of Information System.txt
Operations support system
Transaction Processing System 
Process Control System
Enterprise Collaboration System
Enterprise Collaboration System
Management Support System
Software Categories.txt
Accounting & Financial Management
  Accounting Software
  Automated Underwriting System
  Contract Management Software
  Debt Collection Software
  Financial Management Software
  Investment Accounting Software
  Invoice Automation Software
Application Development & Integration
  Software Testing Tools
Big Data
  Big Data Platforms
  Big Data Storage Solutions
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  Business Continuity Software
Business Intelligence Tools
  Big Data Analytics Tools
  Business Analytics Tools
  Business Intelligence Tools
  Embedded Analytics Tools
  Enterprise Reporting Software
Business Process Management
  BPM Services
  BPM Software Tools
Cloud & SaaS
  CDN Providers
  Cloud Hosting Service Providers
  Cloud Management Software
  Cloud Storage Providers
  Hybrid Cloud Solutions
CMMS Software
  CMMS Software
  EAM Software
  Facility Management Software
Construction Software
  Construction Management Software
CRM Software
  CRM Software
  Help Desk Software
  Sales Force Automation Software
Data Management
  Data Loss Prevention Software
  eDiscovery Software
  eCommerce Platforms
  Education Software
  Student Information Systems
Enterprise Performance Management Software
  Enterprise Performance Management Software
ERP Software
  Distribution Software
  EDI Software
  ERP Software
  ERP Support Services
  Field Service Software
  Manufacturing Software
  PLM Software
  PSA Software
Governance, Risk & Compliance Management
  Enterprise Risk Management Systems
  Security Compliance Services
  Security Compliance Software
HR Management Software
  Compensation Management Software
  Employee Scheduling Software
  HR Management Software
  LMS Software
  Payroll Software
  Performance Management Systems
  Recruitment Software
  Talent Management Systems
  Time and Attendance Software
  Workforce Management Software
Information Management & Collaboration
  CMS Software
  Digital Asset Management Software
  Document Management System Software
  Enterprise Content Management Solution
Information Technology Services
  IT Outsourcing Companies
IT Infrastructure & Operations
  Desktop Management Software
  Server Monitoring Software Tools
Marketing Software
  Marketing Automation Software
Medical Software
  EHR Software
  EMR Software
  Medical Billing Software
  Medical Practice Management Software
  Medical Software
  Patient Scheduling Software
  CCM Software
  Electronic Signature Software
  Employee Recognition Software
  Miscellaneous Tools
  Other Apps
  Website & Mobile Applications  
  Nonprofit CRM Software
Print Management
  Managed Print Services
Project Management Software
  PPM Software
  Project Management Software
  POS Software
Security Software
  Anti-Virus Software
  Endpoint Security Software
  Identity Management Software
  Managed Security Services
  Network Security Software Tools
  SIEM Tools
Social Media Management [SMM]
  SMM Tools
  Social Media Analytics Tools
Supply Chain Management Software
  Fleet Management Software
  Inventory Management Software
  Procurement Software
  Supply Chain Management Software
  TMS Software
  Warehouse Management Software
Telecommunications Management
  Call Center Software
  Unified Communications Software
  Video Conferencing Software
  VoIP Providers
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