Taxonomy of Application Services

Application Platform Service Categories.txt
Data Interchange Services  
  Document generic data typing and conversion services 
  Document generic data typing and conversion services 
  Graphics data interchange services 
  Specialized data interchange services 
  Electronic data interchange services 
  Fax services 
  Raw graphics interface functions 
  Text processing functions 
  Document processing functions 
  Publishing functions 
  Video processing functions 
  Audio processing functions 
  Multimedia processing functions 
  Media synchronization functions 
  Information presentation and distribution functions 
  Hypertext functions 
Data Management Services
  Data dictionary/repository services 
  Database management system (DBMS) services 
  Object Oriented Database Management System services 
  File management services 
  Query processing functions 
  Screen generation functions 
  Report generation functions 
  Networking/concurrent access functions 
  Warehousing functions 
Graphics and Imaging Services
  Graphical object management services 
  Drawing services 
  Imaging functions 
International Operation Services 
  Character sets and data representation services 
  Cultural convention services 
  Local language support services 
Location and Directory Services
  Directory Services 
  Special Purpose Naming Services 
  Service Location Services 
  Registration Services 
  Filtering Services 
  Accounting Services 
Network Services
  Data communications services 
  Electronic Mail services 
  Enhanced telephony functions 
  Shared screen functions 
  Video conferencing functions 
  Broadcast functions 
  Mailing list functions 
  Distributed time services 
  Distributed data services 
  Distributed file services 
  Distributed name services 
  Remote process (access) services 
  Remote print spooling and output distribution services 
Operating System Services
  Kernel operations services 
  Command interpreter and utility services 
  Batch processing services 
  File and directory synchronization services 
Software Engineering Services
  Programming language services 
  Object code linking services 
  Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) environment and tools services 
  Graphical User Interface (GUI) building services 
  Scripting language services 
  Language binding services 
  Run Time Environment services 
  Application Binary Interface services 
Transaction Processing Services 
  Transaction manager services 
User Interface Services 
  Graphical client-server services 
  Display objects services 
  Window management services 
  Dialogue support services 
  Printing services 
  Computer-based training and on-line help services 
  Character-based services 
Security Services
  Identification and authentication services 
  System entry control services 
  Audit services 
  Access control services 
  Non-repudiation services 
  Security management services 
  Trusted recovery services 
  Encryption services 
  Trusted communication services 
System and Network Management Services
  User management services 
  Configuration management (CM) services 
  Performance management services 
  Availability and fault management services 
  Accounting management services 
  Security management services 
  Print management services 
  Network management services 
  Backup and Restore services 
  On-line Disk Management services 
  License Management services 
  Capacity Management services 
  Software Installation services 
  Trouble Ticketing functions
Object-Oriented Provision of Services.txt
Object request broker (ORB) services
  Implementation repository services 
  Installation and activation services 
  Interface repository services 
  Replication services 
Common object services
  Change management services 
  Collections services 
  Concurrency control services 
  Data interchange services 
  Event management services 
  Externalization services 
  Licensing services 
  Life cycle services 
  Naming services 
  Persistent object services 
  Properties services 
  Query services 
  Relationship services 
  Security services 
  Start-up services 
  Time services 
  Trading services 
  Transaction services 
Application Platform Service Qualities.txt
  International operation 
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