Cmdlet Description
Set-PnPIndexedProperties Marks values of the propertybag to be indexed by search. Notice that this will overwrite the existing flags, i.e. only the properties you define with the cmdlet will be indexed.
Add-PnPIndexedProperty Marks the value of the propertybag key specified to be indexed by search.
Remove-PnPIndexedProperty Removes a key from propertybag to be indexed by search. The key and it's value remain in the propertybag, however it will not be indexed anymore.
Get-PnPIndexedPropertyKeys Returns the keys of the property bag values that have been marked for indexing by search
Get-PnPPropertyBag Returns the property bag values.
Remove-PnPPropertyBagValue Removes a value from the property bag
Set-PnPPropertyBagValue Sets a property bag value
Request-PnPReIndexWeb Marks the web for full indexing during the next incremental crawl
Get-PnPRequestAccessEmails Returns the request access e-mail addresses
Set-PnPRequestAccessEmails Sets Request Access Emails on a web
Get-PnPSubWebs Returns the subwebs of the current web
Get-PnPWeb Returns the current web object
New-PnPWeb Creates a new subweb under the current web
Remove-PnPWeb Removes a subweb in the current web
Set-PnPWeb Sets properties on a web
Invoke-PnPWebAction Executes operations on web, lists and list items.
Set-PnPWebPermission Set permissions
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