Web Parts

Cmdlet Description
Get-PnPClientSideComponent Retrieve one or more Client-Side components from a page
Remove-PnPClientSideComponent Removes a Client-Side component from a page
Set-PnPClientSideText Set Client-Side Text Component properties
Set-PnPClientSideWebPart Set Client-Side Web Part properties
Get-PnPWebPart Returns a web part definition object
Remove-PnPWebPart Removes a web part from a page
Get-PnPWebPartProperty Returns a web part property
Set-PnPWebPartProperty Sets a web part property
Add-PnPWebPartToWebPartPage Adds a web part to a web part page in a specified zone
Add-PnPWebPartToWikiPage Adds a web part to a wiki page in a specified table row and column
Get-PnPWebPartXml Returns the web part XML of a web part registered on a site
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