User and group management

Cmdlet Description
Add-PnPAlert Adds an alert for a user to a list
Get-PnPAlert Returns registered alerts for a user.
Remove-PnPAlert Removes an alert for a user
Get-PnPGroup Returns a specific SharePoint group or all SharePoint groups in site.
New-PnPGroup Adds group to the Site Groups List and returns a group object
Remove-PnPGroup Removes a group from a web.
Set-PnPGroup Updates a group
Get-PnPGroupMembers Retrieves all members of a group
Get-PnPGroupPermissions Returns the permissions for a specific SharePoint group
Set-PnPGroupPermissions Adds and/or removes permissions of a specific SharePoint group
Get-PnPUser Returns site users of current web
New-PnPUser Adds a user to the built-in Site User Info List and returns a user object
Remove-PnPUser Removes a specific user from the site collection User Information List
Remove-PnPUserFromGroup Removes a user from a group
Add-PnPUserToGroup Adds a user to a group
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