Records Management

Cmdlet Description
Get-PnPInPlaceRecordsManagement Returns if the place records management feature is enabled.
Set-PnPInPlaceRecordsManagement Activates or deactivates in the place records management feature.
Disable-PnPInPlaceRecordsManagementForSite Disables in place records management for a site.
Enable-PnPInPlaceRecordsManagementForSite Enables in place records management for a site.
Clear-PnPListItemAsRecord Undeclares a list item as a record
Set-PnPListItemAsRecord Declares a list item as a record, for more information, see
Test-PnPListItemIsRecord Checks if a list item is a record
Get-PnPListRecordDeclaration Returns the manual record declaration settings for a list
Set-PnPListRecordDeclaration The RecordDeclaration parameter supports 4 values: AlwaysAllowManualDeclaration NeverAllowManualDeclaration UseSiteCollectionDefaults
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