Cmdlet Description
Set-PnPAvailablePageLayouts Sets the available page layouts for the current site
Set-PnPDefaultPageLayout Sets a specific page layout to be the default page layout for a publishing site
Add-PnPHtmlPublishingPageLayout Adds a HTML based publishing page layout
Add-PnPMasterPage Adds a Masterpage
Add-PnPPublishingImageRendition Adds an Image Rendition if the Name of the Image Rendition does not already exist. This prevents creating two Image Renditions that share the same name.
Get-PnPPublishingImageRendition Returns all image renditions or if Identity is specified a specific one
Remove-PnPPublishingImageRendition Removes an existing image rendition
Add-PnPPublishingPage Adds a publishing page
Add-PnPPublishingPageLayout Adds a publishing page layout
Add-PnPWikiPage Adds a wiki page
Remove-PnPWikiPage Removes a wiki page
Get-PnPWikiPageContent Gets the contents/source of a wiki page
Set-PnPWikiPageContent Sets the contents of a wikipage
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