Cmdlet Description
Export-PnPClientSidePage Exports a Client Side Page to a PnP Provisioning Template
Add-PnPDataRowsToProvisioningTemplate Adds datarows to a list inside a PnP Provisioning Template
Remove-PnPFileFromProvisioningTemplate Removes a file from a PnP Provisioning Template
Add-PnPFileToProvisioningTemplate Adds a file to a PnP Provisioning Template
Convert-PnPFolderToProvisioningTemplate Creates a pnp package file of an existing template xml, and includes all files in the current folder
Add-PnPListFoldersToProvisioningTemplate Adds folders to a list in a PnP Provisioning Template
Add-PnPProvisioningTemplate Adds a PnP Provisioning Template object to a tenant template
Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate Applies a site template to a web
Convert-PnPProvisioningTemplate Converts a provisioning template to an other schema version
Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate Generates a provisioning site template from a web
New-PnPProvisioningTemplate Creates a new provisioning template object
Read-PnPProvisioningTemplate Loads/Reads a PnP file from the file system or a string
Save-PnPProvisioningTemplate Saves a PnP site template to the file system
New-PnPProvisioningTemplateFromFolder Generates a provisioning template from a given folder, including only files that are present in that folder
Set-PnPProvisioningTemplateMetadata Sets metadata of a provisioning template
Add-PnPTenantSequence Adds a tenant sequence object to a tenant template
Get-PnPTenantSequence Returns one ore more provisioning sequence object(s) from a tenant template
New-PnPTenantSequence Creates a new tenant sequence object
New-PnPTenantSequenceCommunicationSite Creates a communication site object
Add-PnPTenantSequenceSite Adds a existing tenant sequence site object to a tenant template
Get-PnPTenantSequenceSite Returns one ore more sites from a tenant template
Add-PnPTenantSequenceSubSite Adds a tenant sequence sub site object to a tenant sequence site object
New-PnPTenantSequenceTeamNoGroupSite Creates a new team site without an Office 365 group in-memory object
New-PnPTenantSequenceTeamNoGroupSubSite Creates a team site subsite with no Office 365 group object
New-PnPTenantSequenceTeamSite Creates a team site object
Apply-PnPTenantTemplate Applies a tenant template to the current tenant. You must be a SharePoint Online global administrator to run the cmdlet.
New-PnPTenantTemplate Creates a new tenant template object
Read-PnPTenantTemplate Loads/Reads a PnP tenant template from the file system and returns an in-memory instance of this template.
Save-PnPTenantTemplate Saves a PnP provisioning hierarchy to the file system
Test-PnPTenantTemplate Tests a tenant template for invalid references
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