Cmdlet Description
Clear-PnPDefaultColumnValues Clear default column values for a document library
Get-PnPDefaultColumnValues Gets the default column values for all folders in document library
Set-PnPDefaultColumnValues Sets default column values for a document library
Get-PnPList Returns a List object
New-PnPList Creates a new list
Remove-PnPList Deletes a list
Set-PnPList Updates list settings
Add-PnPListItem Adds an item to the list and sets the creation time to the current date and time. The author is set to the current authenticated user executing the cmdlet. In order to set the author to a different user, please refer to Set-PnPListItem.
Get-PnPListItem Retrieves list items
Remove-PnPListItem Deletes an item from a list
Set-PnPListItem Updates a list item
Set-PnPListItemPermission Sets list item permissions
Move-PnPListItemToRecycleBin Moves an item from a list to the Recycle Bin
Set-PnPListPermission Sets list permissions
Request-PnPReIndexList Marks the list for full indexing during the next incremental crawl
Add-PnPView Adds a view to a list
Get-PnPView Returns one or all views from a list
Remove-PnPView Deletes a view from a list
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