Files and Folders

Cmdlet Description
Add-PnPFile Uploads a file to Web
Copy-PnPFile Copies a file or folder to a different location, currently there is a 200MB file size limit for the file to be copied.
Find-PnPFile Finds a file in the virtual file system of the web.
Get-PnPFile Downloads a file.
Move-PnPFile Moves a file to a different location
Remove-PnPFile Removes a file.
Rename-PnPFile Renames a file in its current location
Set-PnPFileCheckedIn Checks in a file
Set-PnPFileCheckedOut Checks out a file
Reset-PnPFileVersion Resets a file to its previous version
Add-PnPFolder Creates a folder within a parent folder
Get-PnPFolder Return a folder object
Move-PnPFolder Move a folder to another location in the current web
Remove-PnPFolder Deletes a folder within a parent folder
Rename-PnPFolder Renames a folder
Resolve-PnPFolder Returns a folder from a given site relative path, and will create it if it does not exist.
Get-PnPFolderItem List content in folder
Copy-PnPItemProxy Proxy cmdlet for using Copy-Item between SharePoint provider and FileSystem provider
Move-PnPItemProxy Proxy cmdlet for using Move-Item between SharePoint provider and FileSystem provider
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