Cmdlet Description
Add-PnPCustomAction Adds a custom action
Get-PnPCustomAction Return user custom actions
Remove-PnPCustomAction Removes a custom action
Get-PnPHomePage Return the homepage
Set-PnPHomePage Sets the home page of the current web.
Add-PnPJavaScriptBlock Adds a link to a JavaScript snippet/block to a web or site collection
Add-PnPJavaScriptLink Adds a link to a JavaScript file to a web or sitecollection
Get-PnPJavaScriptLink Returns all or a specific custom action(s) with location type ScriptLink
Remove-PnPJavaScriptLink Removes a JavaScript link or block from a web or sitecollection
Get-PnPMasterPage Returns the URLs of the default Master Page and the custom Master Page.
Set-PnPMasterPage Set the masterpage
Set-PnPMinimalDownloadStrategy Activates or deactivates the minimal downloading strategy.
Add-PnPNavigationNode Adds an item to a navigation element
Get-PnPNavigationNode Returns all or a specific navigation node
Remove-PnPNavigationNode Removes a menu item from either the quicklaunch or top navigation
Disable-PnPResponsiveUI Deactivate the PnP Response UI add-on
Enable-PnPResponsiveUI Activates the PnP Response UI Add-on
Get-PnPTheme Returns the current theme/composed look of the current web.
Set-PnPTheme Sets the theme of the current web.
Set-PnPWebTheme Sets the theme of the current web.
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