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Cmdlet Description
Add-PnPApp Add/uploads an available app to the app catalog
Get-PnPApp Returns the available apps from the app catalog
Install-PnPApp Installs an available app from the app catalog
Publish-PnPApp Publishes/Deploys/Trusts an available app in the app catalog
Remove-PnPApp Removes an app from the app catalog
Uninstall-PnPApp Uninstalls an available add-in from the site
Unpublish-PnPApp Unpublishes/retracts an available add-in from the app catalog
Update-PnPApp Updates an available app from the app catalog
Get-PnPAppInstance Returns a SharePoint AddIn Instance
Uninstall-PnPAppInstance Removes an app from a site
Import-PnPAppPackage Adds a SharePoint Addin to a site
Sync-PnPAppToTeams Synchronize an app from the tenant app catalog to the Microsoft Teams app catalog
Grant-PnPTenantServicePrincipalPermission Explicitly grants a specified permission to the “SharePoint Online Client” service principal
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