Technology Quotient (TQ)

A technology quotient representing a person's ability to adapt to and integrate technology as compared to the statistical norm.

The ability to assimilate or adapt to technology changes by developing and employing strategies to successfully include technology in our work and life. A high TQ includes the right attitude, capabilities and decision- making strategies to fully leverage technology.

An improved TQ helps people adapt to the future in which rapidly changing technology is even more central to every business function.

Focusing on TQ helps to adjust our thinking about technology as not just gadgets and software but enablers of success.

PMI calls PMTQ, or “project management technology quotient.”

Benefits of Technology Quotient (TQ)

Technology Quotient (TQ) refers to an individual's ability to adapt and use technology effectively. Here are some of the benefits of having a high TQ:

  • Improved productivity: Individuals with a high TQ are able to use technology to automate tasks, streamline processes, and collaborate more effectively, resulting in improved productivity.
  • Improved problem-solving: High TQ individuals are able to use technology to solve problems and make decisions more efficiently, allowing them to be more effective in their roles.
  • Increased innovation: High TQ individuals are more likely to be able to identify new technologies and innovative ways to use them, driving innovation within their organizations.
  • Better customer experiences: Individuals with a high TQ are able to use technology to improve customer experiences by providing more personalized and efficient service.
  • Improved competitiveness: Organizations with a workforce that has a high TQ are more likely to be able to leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Enhanced job satisfaction: High TQ individuals are more likely to feel confident in their ability to use technology effectively, leading to increased job satisfaction.
  • Greater career opportunities: Individuals with a high TQ are in high demand, leading to greater career opportunities and higher salaries.

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