Stakeholder Analysis Template

What is Stakeholder Analysis Template?

A Stakeholder Analysis Template is a tool used in project management and organizational development to identify, analyze, and prioritize stakeholders who have an interest or impact on a specific project or initiative. The template helps to categorize stakeholders based on their level of interest and influence, which enables project managers and decision-makers to develop effective communication strategies and engagement plans.

A typical Stakeholder Analysis Template includes the following components:

  1. Stakeholder Identification: A list of potential stakeholders who may be impacted by the project or initiative.
  2. Stakeholder Classification: A categorization system to group stakeholders based on their level of interest and influence:
    • High Interest, High Influence (HI-HI): Key decision-makers with significant interest and influence.
    • Low Interest, High Influence (LI-HI): Stakeholders who may not have a direct interest but can still exert significant influence.
    • High Interest, Low Influence (HI-LI): Stakeholders with significant interest but limited influence.
    • Low Interest, Low Influence (LI-LI): Stakeholders with minimal interest and influence.
  3. Stakeholder Analysis: A table or matrix to analyze each stakeholder's characteristics, including:
    • Name and title
    • Level of interest in the project/ initiative
    • Level of influence on the project/initiative
    • Expectations from the project/initiative
    • Concerns or issues related to the project/initiative
  4. Prioritization: A process to prioritize stakeholders based on their level of interest and influence, as well as the potential impact on the project's success.
  5. Communication Plan: A strategy for engaging with each stakeholder group, including communication channels, frequency, and content.

Example of a Stakeholder Analysis Template:

Stakeholder Interest Level Influence Level Expectations Concerns
Project Sponsor High High Clear project goals Timely progress updates
Team Members High Medium Clarity on roles and responsibilities Feedback on performance
Customers High Low Quality products/services Competitive pricing
Suppliers Medium Low Reliable delivery schedules Pricing negotiations

By using a Stakeholder Analysis Template, organizations can:

  1. Identify key stakeholders and their interests
  2. Develop targeted communication strategies to engage with each stakeholder group
  3. Prioritize resources and efforts based on the level of interest and influence
  4. Build stronger relationships with important stakeholders

This template is a valuable tool for project managers, business analysts, and organizational development professionals to ensure that stakeholder needs are considered throughout the project lifecycle.

Stakeholder Analysis Template

  • Project Name:
  • Project Manager:
  • Date:
Stakeholder Name Role in Project Contact Information
John Doe Sponsor
Jane Smith Team Lead
Stakeholder Name Interest Influence Power Expected Impact Engagement Strategy
John Doe High High High Critical Regular updates, one-on-one meetings
Jane Smith Medium High MediumSignificant Inclusion in decision-making process
  • Frequency: Weekly updates, monthly meetings
  • Method: Emails, meetings, reports
  • Documentation: Meeting minutes, status reports
  • Review Frequency: At key project milestones
  • Adjustments: Based on stakeholder feedback and project evolution
  • Approved by:
  • Signature:
  • Date:

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    • \n\nA Stakeholder Analysis Template is an essential tool for project managers when it comes to managing stakeholder expectations. It allows for the identification of all stakeholders, their importance and the degree to which their satisfaction needs to be managed. The template helps to identify their interests and determine the best way to communicate with them. It also helps to predict how stakeholders are likely to respond to particular decisions and plan in advance how to manage them. By engaging with stakeholders in the early stages of project planning it helps to minimize risk and ensure project success.

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