Normal RFC (Request for Change) Template

What is Normal RFC (Request for Change) Template?

A Request for Change (RFC) template, also known as a Normal RFC template, is a standardized document used in IT and software development organizations to request changes to existing systems, processes, or products. The purpose of an RFC is to formally propose a change and provide sufficient information for the relevant stakeholders to evaluate its feasibility, impact, and potential benefits.

A typical Normal RFC template includes the following sections:

  1. Header Information:

* RFC Number: A unique identifier assigned to each RFC.

  * Change Request Type: Indicating whether it's a new feature, bug fix, or process improvement.
  * Change Request Title: A brief summary of the proposed change.
  * Submitted By: The person requesting the change.
  * Date Submitted: The date the RFC was submitted.
-  **Problem Statement**:
  * Description of the problem or opportunity for improvement.
  * Impact on the organization, users, or customers if the problem is not addressed.
-  **Proposed Solution**:
  * A detailed description of the proposed change, including any new features, modifications to existing functionality, or process improvements.
  * How the proposed solution addresses the problem statement.
-  **Rationale and Benefits**:
  * The reasoning behind the proposed change, including any business benefits, improved user experience, or increased efficiency.
-  **Technical Requirements**:
  * A list of technical specifications required to implement the proposed change, such as hardware, software, or network requirements.
-  **Impact Analysis**:
  * An assessment of the potential impact on existing systems, processes, and users, including any risks, dependencies, or constraints.
-  **Test Plan**:
  * A description of the testing approach, including test cases, test data, and expected results.
-  **Timeline and Milestones**:
  * A proposed timeline for implementing the change, including key milestones and deadlines.
-  **Resources Required**:
  * A list of resources required to implement the change, including personnel, equipment, or materials.
-  **Conclusion and Recommendations**:
  * A summary of the proposed change, its benefits, and any recommendations for approval or further discussion.

The Normal RFC template provides a structured approach to requesting changes, ensuring that all necessary information is provided to facilitate informed decision-making. It helps stakeholders understand the proposed change, its potential impact, and the resources required to implement it.

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