Meeting Agenda Template

What is Meeting Agenda Template?

A meeting agenda template is a pre-designed document that outlines the structure and content of a meeting, including the topics to be discussed, the time allocated for each topic, and the expected outcomes. The purpose of an agenda template is to help organizers plan and conduct a productive and efficient meeting.

Typically, a meeting agenda template includes the following sections:

  1. Meeting Information:
    • Date and time
    • Location (physical or virtual)
    • Participants' list
  2. Objective(s):

* Briefly state the purpose of the meeting

  1. Agenda Items:
    • A list of specific topics to be discussed, including:
      • + Topic title
      • + Brief description
      • + Time allocated for discussion
  2. Expected Outcomes:

* What is expected to be achieved or decided upon during each topic

  1. Action Items:
    • Any tasks or decisions that need to be taken after the meeting
  2. Notes and Next Steps:
    • Space for recording notes, action items, and next steps

Here's an example of a simple meeting agenda template:

Meeting Agenda Template

Meeting Information

  • Date: [Insert date]
  • Time: [Insert time]
  • Location: [Insert location]
  • Participants: [List participants' names]


  • Review and discuss the company's quarterly sales report.

Agenda Items

  1. Introduction (5 minutes)

* Welcome and introductions

  1. Sales Report Review (30 minutes)

* Presentations on key findings, trends, and recommendations

  1. Discussion and Q&A (20 minutes)

* Open discussion and questions from participants

  1. Action Items and Next Steps (10 minutes)

* Assign tasks and responsibilities

Expected Outcomes

  • Understand the quarterly sales report's key findings and recommendations.
  • Provide input and feedback on the report.

Action Items

  • [Insert action items, e.g., “John to investigate market trends” or “Sarah to prepare a summary of the discussion”]

Notes and Next Steps

  • Record any important notes, decisions, or actions taken during the meeting.
  • Identify next steps for each topic discussed.

By using an agenda template, organizers can ensure that all necessary topics are covered, and participants know what to expect from the meeting. This helps keep the meeting focused, productive, and efficient.

Meeting Agenda

Title: Meeting Title
Location: Meeting Room / Virtual Link
Facilitator: Name

  • Name 1 - Role
  • Name 2 - Role
  • Name 3 - Role
  • Objective 1: Description
  • Objective 2: Description
  • Objective 3: Description
  • Presenter: Name
  • Time Allotted: XX mins
  • Discussion Points:
    • Point 1
    • Point 2
  • Presenter: Name
  • Time Allotted: XX mins
  • Discussion Points:
    • Point 1
    • Point 2
  • Presenter: Name
  • Time Allotted: XX mins
  • Discussion Points:
    • Point 1
    • Point 2
  • Topic 1: Description
  • Topic 2: Description
  • [ ] Action 1: Responsible Person - Due Date
  • [ ] Action 2: Responsible Person - Due Date
  • Note 1: Description
  • Note 2: Description

Agenda: To be determined

Please confirm your attendance and provide any additional agenda items at least 24 hours before the meeting.

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