ITIL Change Request Template

What is ITIL Change Request Template?

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Change Request Template is a standardized template used in IT service management to capture and document changes requested by stakeholders or users of an organization's IT services. The template provides a structured format for submitting, reviewing, and approving change requests.

Here is a typical outline of the ITIL Change Request Template:

Change Request Form

Section 1: Identification

  • Change Request ID (Unique identifier)
  • Requester Name and Contact Information
  • Date of Submission

Section 2: Description

  • Brief summary of the proposed change
  • Detailed description of the change, including:
    • + Changes to services, processes, or infrastructure
    • + Impact on IT services and stakeholders
    • + Benefits and rationale for the change

Section 3: Rationale and Business Case

  • Explanation of why the change is necessary or desirable
  • Analysis of the benefits, costs, and risks associated with the change
  • Supporting documentation (e.g., business cases, feasibility studies)

Section 4: Scope and Impact

  • Description of the scope of the change (e.g., affected services, systems, or processes)
  • Assessment of the impact on IT services, stakeholders, and the organization as a whole

Section 5: Assumptions and Dependencies

  • List of assumptions made about the change
  • Identification of dependencies between the change and other activities or projects

Section 6: Risks and Constraints

  • Identification of potential risks associated with the change
  • Description of constraints that may impact the implementation of the change

Section 7: Mitigation and Contingency Planning

  • Strategies for mitigating identified risks and ensuring business continuity
  • Contingency plans for unexpected events or outcomes

Section 8: Implementation Plan

  • Timeline for implementing the change
  • Milestones and key activities involved in the implementation process

Section 9: Review and Approval

  • Request for approval from the Change Advisory Board (CAB) or other authorized representatives
  • Sign-off by the requester and approver

Section 10: Post-Implementation Review

  • Plan for reviewing the effectiveness of the change after its implementation
  • Identification of lessons learned and opportunities for improvement

The ITIL Change Request Template is designed to facilitate a structured approach to managing changes, ensuring that all necessary information is collected and considered before implementing changes. This helps to minimize disruptions to IT services, reduce risks, and optimize business outcomes.

ITIL Change Request Form

Change Request ID: CR-XXXXX
Requester Name: Full Name
Department: Department Name
Contact Information: Email / Phone

Title of Change: Brief Title
Change Type: Standard | Normal | Emergency
Priority: Low | Medium | High | Critical

Detailed Description:
Provide a detailed description of the proposed change, including the rationale for the change and the expected benefits.

Affected Services/Components:
List all the services, components, or areas that will be affected by this change.

Change Plan:
Outline the steps required to implement the change, including any resources or tools needed.

Rollback Plan:
Describe the steps to revert the change if it is unsuccessful or causes unexpected issues.

Testing Plan:
Detail the testing procedures to ensure the change is implemented correctly and does not adversely affect other services.

Potential Risks:
Identify any potential risks associated with the change and the likelihood of occurrence.

Mitigation Strategies:
Explain the strategies to mitigate the identified risks.

Change Advisory Board (CAB) Review Date: YYYY-MM-DD
CAB Decision: Approved | Rejected | Pending Further Review

Approver Name: Full Name
Approver Signature: Signature
Approval Date: YYYY-MM-DD

Scheduled Start Date: YYYY-MM-DD
Scheduled End Date: YYYY-MM-DD
Actual Start Date: YYYY-MM-DD
Actual End Date: YYYY-MM-DD

Implementation Status: Planned | In Progress | Completed | Rolled Back

Post-Implementation Review Date: YYYY-MM-DD
Review Outcome: Successful | Issues Identified

Include any additional comments or observations related to the change request.

This form is based on ITIL best practices for change management. Customize it as necessary to fit your organization's specific processes and requirements.

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