Initial Resource Plan Template

What is Initial Resource Plan Template?

The Initial Resource Plan (IRP) template is a document used in project management to outline the initial resource allocation and estimation of effort required for a project. It provides a framework for identifying, estimating, and allocating resources for a project, including personnel, equipment, materials, and budget.

The IRP template typically includes the following components:

  1. Project Overview: A brief summary of the project, including its goals, objectives, and scope.
  2. Resource Identification: A list of all resources required for the project, including:
    • Personnel: team members, roles, and responsibilities
    • Equipment: hardware, software, and other tools needed for the project
    • Materials: supplies, inventory, and other physical materials required
  3. Resource Estimation: An estimate of the effort required from each resource to complete specific tasks or activities.
  4. Resource Allocation: A plan for allocating resources to specific tasks, activities, or phases of the project.
  5. Budgeting: An estimate of the budget required for each resource, including personnel costs, equipment rental or purchase, and material expenses.

The IRP template serves several purposes:

  1. Resource Planning: Helps identify and allocate necessary resources to ensure successful project execution.
  2. Cost Estimation: Provides an initial estimate of the project's budget requirements.
  3. Scheduling: Allows for the creation of a project schedule with resource allocation and dependencies.
  4. Stakeholder Communication: Facilitates communication with stakeholders about resource requirements, timelines, and budgets.

The IRP template is typically used in the early stages of a project, when resources are still being identified and estimated. It provides a foundation for further planning and execution of the project, ensuring that necessary resources are allocated to meet project objectives and deliverables.

In summary, the Initial Resource Plan (IRP) template is a valuable tool for project managers, as it helps identify, estimate, and allocate resources required for a project, ultimately supporting successful project execution and stakeholder communication.

Initial Resource Plan for

  • Introduction
  • Project Overview
  • Resource Requirements
  • Resource Allocation
  • Resource Schedule
  • Budget and Cost
  • Resource Management
  • Approval

Provide a brief introduction to the resource plan and its purpose within the context of the project.

Describe the project, its objectives, and the expected outcomes.

Detail the types and quantities of resources required for the project.

Resource Type Description Quantity Justification
Human [Detail] [Number] [Reason]
Equipment [Detail] [Number] [Reason]
Software [Detail] [Number] [Reason]
... ... ... ...

Explain how resources will be allocated to different parts of the project.

Task ID Task Description Resource Type Allocated Resource
T1 [Task Detail] [Resource] [Resource Detail]
T2 [Task Detail] [Resource] [Resource Detail]
... ... ... ...

Outline when and how resources will be utilized throughout the project timeline.

Week Resource Type Task ID Usage
1 [Resource] T1 [Detail]
2 [Resource] T2 [Detail]
... ... ... ...

Provide a detailed budget for the resources, including cost estimates.

Resource Type Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost
Human [Number] [Cost] [Total]
Equipment [Number] [Cost] [Total]
Software [Number] [Cost] [Total]
... ... ... ...

Discuss how resources will be managed, monitored, and reported during the project.

Include a section for the approval of the resource plan by key stakeholders.

Role Name Signature
Project Lead [Name] [Sign]
Sponsor [Name] [Sign]
... ... ...

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