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Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats is a method of analyzing a topic from several angles while remaining clear and conflict-free.

The six thinking hats technique amplifies innovative interactions by representing several opinions and thinking styles. Dr. Edward de Bono's paradigm uses six roles (or “hats”) to arrange abstract thought for productive results.

The six hats are:

  • <fc #b0e0e6>The white hat</fc>: This is the objective hat, which focuses on facts and logic
  • <fc #ff0000>The red hat:</fc> This is the intuitive hat, focusing on emotion and instinct
  • The black hat: This is the cautious hat, used to predict negative outcomes
  • <fc #f0e68c>The yellow hat:</fc> This is the optimistic hat, used to look for positive outcomes
  • <fc #9acd32>The green hat:</fc> This is the creative hat, where ideas are abundant and criticism spare
  • <fc #4682b4>The blue hat:</fc> This is the hat of control, used for management and organization
Snippet from Wikipedia: Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats was written by Dr. Edward de Bono. "Six Thinking Hats" and the associated idea parallel thinking provide a means for groups to plan thinking processes in a detailed and cohesive way, and in doing so to think together more effectively.

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