Microsoft Teams Development

Microsoft Teams App Camp

Microsoft Teams App Camp will guide you through a set of videos and hands-on lab exercises in which you will port a simple web application to being a full-featured Teams application

Learn Together: Developing Apps for Teams

Millions of new Microsoft Teams users are looking to you, the developers, to create engaging and unique application experiences on Teams. In this two-hour livestream on Learn TV, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should consider building apps for Teams
  • How to get started building apps for Teams in VS Code
  • Where you can integrate your apps in the Teams user experience

FIXME App catalog vs App Store

App typeScenario description
TabsSurface your content in Microsoft Teams.
BotsHelp users get tasks done in conversations.
ConnectorsPost updates from external services to channels.
Actionable messagingAdd enhanced interaction to your connector cards.
Messaging extensionsAllow users to query and share information in conversations.
WebsitesSurface enhanced content in your web pages.
ServicesEnhance your client applications with Microsoft Graph data via your web service.
Activity feedEngage users via feed notifications.
Calling and online meetings (preview)Create Microsoft Teams apps with bots that can initiate and participate in audio/video calls, route/transfer calls based on interactive voice response (IVR) flows, and participate in online meetings.

Source: YouTube

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