Office 365 Apps By Scenario

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Persona/ScenarioOffice 365 App
Citizen Developer
… create a macro based application in office
… automate a business task
… use AI to populate metadata to documents
Software Developer
… create a new office application
Solution Architect
… draw an UML diagram
Project Manager
… manage personal daily tasks
… manage team members tasks
… manage a project plan
… manage an agile project


  • By usertypes
    • IT Administrator
    • Office-users
    • IT Architect (Cloud, Solution, Enterprise, etc.)
    • Professional Developer
    • Citizen Developer
    • Management (CIO, CDO, PM etc.)
  • By scenarios
    • Collaboration
    • (Work management)
    • (Task management)
    • (Microsoft Office Apps)
  • By license (E3, E5 etc.)
  • By management verb: document management, records management, tasks management etc.