Microsoft 365 Development

Microsoft 365 Development is a field that involves creating collaborative applications that integrate with Microsoft 365 products and services.

Microsoft 365 Development enables developers to leverage the power and functionality of Microsoft 365 products such as SharePoint, Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, Graph API and more. Microsoft 365 Development can be done using various tools and frameworks such as Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, .NET Core, SPFx, Power Platform and more.

Microsoft 365 Development can help developers create solutions that enhance productivity, collaboration and security for their users and organizations.

Microsoft 365 developers can use various tools and technologies to build solutions that enhance productivity, communication, and collaboration for individuals and organizations. Some of the benefits of Microsoft 365 Development are:

  • Access to a rich set of APIs and data from Microsoft Graph, which connects users, devices, and data across Microsoft 365.
  • Ability to extend and customize Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Office, SharePoint, Viva, and other Microsoft 365 apps with web technologies.
  • Opportunity to publish and monetize your app through the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace and reach millions of Microsoft 365 users.
  • Support for low-code development with Power Platform, which enables you to create apps and workflows without writing code.
  • Availability of a free developer subscription with sample data for testing and prototyping your app.

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