Microsoft 365 Community Content

What is Microsoft 365 Community Docs?

The strength of the SharePoint community is one of the primary drivers for the platform’s success over the last 15-20 years. As the community has grown and strengthened, there has been a plethora of content available to end users and developers from Microsoft, MVPs, and bloggers of all experience levels.

The SharePoint Developer Documents (sp-dev-docs) have become the proven community model for content creation and management. This community-driven repository of content has become a valuable source for developer information and a feedback mechanism for the product groups.

We are now expanding the reach of our community's involvement with the Microsoft 365 Community Docs. Our goal is to harness the same community energy and the expertise of the people who are true implementers and practitioners of all aspects of Microsoft 365: the citizen developers, power users, site admins, end users, and other heroes who configure and use the platform to solve important business challenges every single day.

The SharePoint Community blog

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