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Suno (ai-tool)
Full NameSuno
Short NameSuno
DescriptionSuno is building a future where anyone can make great music.
CompanySuno, Inc.
CategoryAI Music
Snippet from Wikipedia: Suno AI

Suno AI, or simply Suno, is a generative artificial intelligence music creation program designed to generate realistic songs that combine vocals and instrumentation, or are purely instrumental. Suno has been widely available since December 20, 2023, after the launch of a web application and a partnership with Microsoft, which included Suno as a plugin in Microsoft Copilot.

The program operates by producing songs based on text prompts provided by users. Suno does not disclose the dataset used to train its artificial intelligence but claims it has been safeguarded against plagiarism and copyright concerns.

What is Suno?

Suno is an innovative platform that is shaping the future of music creation. It empowers users to generate music using artificial intelligence, regardless of their musical expertise. With Suno, creating a song is as simple as using your imagination; no instruments are required. The company, based in Cambridge, MA, is comprised of a team of musicians and AI experts who are alumni of pioneering tech companies. They are dedicated to making music creation accessible to everyone, fostering a culture of musical experimentation and enjoyment.
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