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 yesno    "​Release management"​ =release !  yesno    "​Release management"​ =release ! 
-yesno    "​DevOps Plan" =release ​!  +yesno    "​DevOps Plan" =devopsplan ​!  
-yesno    "​DevOps Create"​ =release ​!  +yesno    "​DevOps Create"​ =devopscreate ​!  
-yesno    "​DevOps Verify"​ =release ​!  +yesno    "​DevOps Verify"​ =devopsverify ​!  
-yesno    "​DevOps Packaging"​ =release ​!  +yesno    "​DevOps Packaging"​ =devopspackaging ​!  
-yesno    "​DevOps Release"​ =release ​!  +yesno    "​DevOps Release"​ =devopsrelease ​!  
-yesno    "​DevOps Configure"​ =release ​!  +yesno    "​DevOps Configure"​ =devopsconfigure ​!  
-yesno    "​DevOps Monitor"​ =release ​+yesno    "​DevOps Monitor"​ =devopsmonitor ​
 submit "​Create Tool" submit "​Create Tool"
 </​form>​ </​form>​