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-====== Citizen Developer ====== 
-A Citizen Developer is an end user who creates new applications,​ programs or systems by using development environments provided by the enterprise IT. But in general a Citizen Developer is not a professional programmer, but a user who has the technical understanding to solve the demands made on him. 
-This is not a trained programmer, but someone who has the skills he has acquired to be able to create business applications himself. In support central IT should always be involved in the development process especially when dealing with difficult challenges such as security or the development of mobile applications. It is advisable to work with declarative tools, such as low-code platforms, because they make it possible to create application solutions with comparatively little technical understanding and without great programming skills. 
-Citizen developers can play an important role in digital transformation by empowering people with little or no IT knowledge to create applications. ​ 
-Also see [[office365:​microsoft_power_platform]] 
-<callout title="​External links:">​ 
-  * https://​www.gartner.com/​en/​information-technology/​glossary/​citizen-developer 
-  * https://​www.forbes.com/​sites/​johneverhard/​2019/​01/​22/​the-pros-and-cons-of-citizen-development/​ 
-  * https://​www.integrify.com/​blog/​posts/​citizen-developer-impact-on-the-enterprise/​ 
-</​callout> ​ 
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