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 ^SharePoint as a platform^^^ ^SharePoint as a platform^^^
 ^Branding^UX^BI^API^Process^Deploy^ ^Branding^UX^BI^API^Process^Deploy^
-|SPFx Extensions|SPFx|Power BI|Microsoft Graph|Microsoft Flow|SPFx Client Side Solutions|+|[[SPFx Extensions]]|[[SPFx]]|[[Power BI]]|[[Microsoft Graph]]|[[Microsoft Flow]]|SPFx Client Side Solutions|
 |Alternate CSS|Power Apps| |REST|Webhooks|PnP Provisioning| |Alternate CSS|Power Apps| |REST|Webhooks|PnP Provisioning|
 |Themes| | |CSOM & JSOM | Workflows 2010/2013 | Add-ins | |Themes| | |CSOM & JSOM | Workflows 2010/2013 | Add-ins |